Pipitsa and Kostas Galiatsatos

Hotel and Studios Poseidon

A few words about us

The Hotel and Studios Poseidon is a private family-owned business based in Kokkari, the most picturesque village of Samos.

Another fact is Poseidon Hotel has a unique location on the edge of the harbor. And within walking distance from the commercial center of Kokkari and the Lemonakia beaches. 

Furthermore, the Hotel and Restaurant were built by Paraskevi and Konstantinos Galiatsatos in 1982. They have built an enviable reputation as a result of 40 years of successful presence in the tourism industry of Samos. In fact their strong focus on quality, service and warm hospitality has been their strength. Also they are known for their excellence in operations, their great work environment and their respect for ethics in business. For these reasons, the hotel is popular and has a large number of loyal clients.

In the same way, the business is run by Spyros Galiatsatos in the tradition of the founders, with a philosophy based on the principles of his parents. Principles that guarantee memorable experiences for tourists.

Finally if you wish to know more, don’t hesitate to contact Spyros directly through the contact form.

Poseidon Hotel and Studios

Hotel and Studios Poseidon
Pipitsa and Kostas Galiatsatos

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Hotel Poseidon Kokkari Samos eco friendly

Environmental policy of Hotel Poseidon Kokkari Samos

Hotel and Studios Poseidon devotes time and effort to provide customer satisfaction. Our aim is to minimize the environmental footprint by applying modern technologies & green management practices. As a result our goals are achieved through the following actions:

Energy and water Management

First we replace old lamps with LED energy saving lamps. Second we place a 24 hour energy control system in all rooms. Third we install devices for low water usage. Furthermore guest’s can apply for the “Wash on demand” option. This reduces washing laundry numbers.

Recycling Management

The hotel applies and reinforces the prevent – reuse – recycle concept. We also recycle batteries (AFIS company) and electrical appliances (AHS L.T.D). We also recycle paper, glass and plastics through the Municipality. Finally we recycle all  cooking oils used in the restaurant kitchen.

Social environmental practices

Poseidon Hotel is in cooperation with local authorities to maintain the natural beauty of the island. There is a cooperation with schools to develop and consolidate the environmental consciousness. In the same way their is a cooperation with environmental organizations. Equally important is the education of all our personnel on environmental issues.

As we have adopted an ecological way of operating, we encourage our customers to do the same during their holidays.

Message from the management team.

” Please help us become greener and join us in protecting our environment. “

In fact during your stay, you can inform the reception if you do not wish to change sheets and towels on daily basis. Furthermore shorten the duration of the water running in the bathroom and of your showers. In the same way disconnect all electrical appliances when you leave your room. Likewise maintain room temperature by closing doors, windows, curtains and  shutters. Finally share your newspapers, magazines & books with others after reading them. 

Hotel Poseidon guarantees to make your stay ” greener” always in combination with the comfort you deserve.