Poseidon Kokkari Samos Greece

Restaurant Poseidon Samos

Restaurant Poseidon Samos is named after “Poseidon” (Neptune) the Greek God of the Sea. As a result, location and terrace are both next to the sea front in the harbor of Kokkari. In addition, the establishment was build in the 1980s by Paraskevi and Kostantinos Galiatsatos. 

On entering POSEIDON, guests experience the inviting living room. On the side  there is an extensive religious corner with Byzantine icons. The décor of the restaurant includes hand made old furniture, embroideries, potteries and paintings that have been gathered through time, with the diligence and attention of Mrs Paraskevi Galiatsatou. First the atmosphere reflects the charm of Samian hospitality. Second the décor truly captures the feel of the Samian house. And lastly when combined with Grandma’s explicit dishes, guests appreciate the original Samian dining experience.

Restaurant Poseidon Samos

Furthermore Poseidon Seafood Taverna is one of the oldest, still operating restaurants in the village. Poseidon specializes in seafood and fish as well as traditional recipes. Moreover this restaurant serves luscious portions and offers a large number of traditional dishes. In fact all recipes are prepared with fresh local ingredients. And with each meal, the restaurant serves high quality local produced wine. 

Besides its main dishes, the restaurant serves small plates widely known as Tapas or Meze. (Mezedes in Greek). In fact in this establishment you can find over 100 Vegeterian, Meat, Fish and Seafood Meze. As a result the establishment has become very popular amongst locals and tourists.

Poseidon Menu

Finally Samian cuisine is actually a mixture of Greek and Turkish – Middle Eastern cooking techniques. For instance Restaurant Poseidon Samos Starter Menu includes: “Dolmadakia”, “Saganaki”, “Pikilia Mezes”, “Octopus Salad” and a lot more.
In addition, the Main Menu includes Greek traditional recipes such as: “Moussaka”, “Pastitsio”, “Cuttlefish with spinach”, “Stuffed kalamari cooked with wine” and a large variety of seafood plates.
The Meat section of the Menu includes fresh meat recipes such as: “Wild Chicken”, “Rabbit”, “Lamb” and “Pork”. All prepared in the traditional Island way.
The Dessert Menu, includes: Traditional Samos recipe cakes with honey syrup such as: “Baklava”, “the Samian Ekmek Kadaifi” and milk pie “Galaktoboureko”.

Nothing can beat Grandma’s explicit dishes and Restaurant Poseidon Samos experience is unique!! 

Restaurant Poseidon Samos Greece