Poseidon Kokkari Samos Greece


Kokkari Village Samos Greece

Kokkari is build in a traditional Mediterranean Eastern way and located on the northern part of the island, 10 km distance from Samos town. In 2017 Kokkari Village Samos Greece was voted as the best hidden Gem in Europe. Read more on Europes best destination catalogue.

Furthermore the village was founded on the plains of Mt Karvounis, nesting between two protective headlands that form the most picturesque gulf of the whole island.
Equally important is its unique location because it combines mountain and sea. For instance on the mountain you will feel at peace, relaxed, you’ll enjoy the interesting forest footpaths, the wild flowers’ sweet smells, the spring’s freshness and the birds’ singing. From up high, the houses of my village look like small white doves embraced by thousands of trees. The view is breathtaking.

On the other hand the coastal street is more alive and you’ll find friendly hotel owners, traditional tavernas, local restaurants and entertainment.
However allow me to say that, the sea will charm and captivate you. The pebbles lie next to the sea forming the most beautiful beaches of the island. In and around our village you will find the following beaches:

  1. Small Lemonakia situated next to our hotel 2 minutes walking distance).
  2. Tarsanas or long beach ( this beach streches throughout the village)
  3. Lemonakia beach 1.5 kms from Poseidon
  4. Tsamadou beach 2 kms from Poseidon 
  5. Avlakia and Tsabou beaches 4 kms from Poseidon
  6. Kedros beach 4 kms from Poseidon ( walking towards samos town) 

Kokkari Village Samos Greece

In addition to the above in Kokkari village there are around 400 habitants. All of them are jovial and good-hearted people. Moreover they accept visitors with pleasure, always willing to offer them their hospitality so they can become members of the Kokkari family.

As a result, I don’t know any other villages as beautiful, quiet and relaxed as mine. Again the best way to feel the Mediterranean atmosphere is by walking along the harbour or sipping a favorite drink on one of the terraces with a view of sea. Everything around this landscape is made of colour and light!
Perhaps my love for this village is what makes it so beautiful.

When planning a relaxed and secure holiday,

Poseidon in Samos Greece is the best choice!
Kokkari Village Samos Greece