Beaches in Kokkari Samos Greece


Beaches in Kokkari Samos Greece

The most beautiful beaches in Kokkari Samos Greece surround Poseidon Hotel.

Kokkari is actually a village placed around beautiful pebble beaches with crystal clear waters. In addition some hotels are situated along side these amazing beaches and Poseidon is one of them. However allow me to say that the sea will charm and captivate you. Equally important are the pebbles that lie next to the sea, keeping the waters clear and forming the most beautiful and spectacular beaches of the island. In and around our village you will find the following beaches:

The 2 small beaches called Small Lemonakia are situated in the bay of Kokkari 2 minutes walk form our hotel. These 2 beaches are sheltered from the northern winds, they are calm and not so crowded, something to consider when travelling with children.

On the northern part of the village 5 minutes walk from Poseidon hotel you will find Tarsanas beach also called “Long beach”.

Tsamadou beach has always been famous for it’s clear waters and a small paradise for nudists. Tsamadou is the only licensed nudist beach on the island and next to Lemonakia beach. These 2 beaches are on the outskirts of our village 15 -20 minutes walk form hotel Poseidon.

Avlakia beach and Tsabou beach on the other hand are both 5 minutes drive from our hotel Poseidon, driving towards Kalovassi.

Kedros beach is also very nice, rough, beautiful and wild looking.

In summary …

Kokkari beaches are famous for their green environment and crystal water. They are among the most beautiful beaches on the island of Samos. Although some beaches are organized and popular, yet they still keep their picturesque ambiance. Depending on your mood and how adventurous you may feel secluded bays can also be found for more privacy.
In Kokkari there is a relaxing and beautiful beach for everyone!

You will find below pictures of Beaches in Kokkari Samos Greece.

When planning a relaxed and secure holiday,

Poseidon in Samos Greece is the best choice!
Beaches in Kokkari Samos Greece