Traveling with children in Kokkari Samos Greece

Travel with children in Greece

Fun and Adventures for kids and families

Families come in different shapes, sizes and budgets. furthermore if you are looking for a summer adventure outdoors, stay with us at Poseidon Hotel in Kokkari Samos. Spyros from the managing team will help you plan activities together. In fact, travel with children in Greece and in Kokkari Samos should be the best part of your life. 

Safety and Dangers

Kokkari Samos is a very safe and easy place to travel with children. Greek children are given a huge amount of freedom and can often be seen playing in village squares and playgrounds late into the night. Nevertheless, it’s wise to be extra vigilant with your children when travelling. Please ensure they always know where to go and who to approach for help. This is especially true on beaches or in playgrounds where it’s easy for children to become disoriented.

Dangers children are far more likely to encounter are heatstroke, water-borne bugs and illness and mosquito bites. Kokkari has a clinic and a pharmacy, although hours may be irregular, the main island hospital is just 10 km away.  Poseidon hotel will always be next to you providing help such as first-aid kit  to  basic medicine and bandages.

Before You Go

An excellent way to prepare your kids for their holiday and to encourage an active interest in the destination is by introducing them to some books or DVDs ahead of time. Lots of younger children enjoy stories of Greek gods and Greek mythology while slightly older kids will enjoy movies like Mamma Mia, 300 or Lara Croft: Tomb Raider for their Greek settings. You can also find children’s books about life in Greece that include a few easy phrases that your kids can try out.

Top activities for families in Kokkari

Samos offers an entrancing combination of culture, wildlife and adventure – plus beautiful beaches.
Very few Greek islands offer this original mix of family activities.

Samos ’s natural environment makes it the perfect adventure playground. Experiencing these playgrounds “en famille” not only thrills younger travelers but also offers a fresh perspective to their more travel-hardened parents.

We can plan cooking classes, wine tasting and food stopping tours.
Organize group island tours, walking trips, cycling or sailing tours.
You can learn how to snorkel, scuba dive and master fishing techniques.
The following are just a few ideas for how your family can build memories together.

  • Walking into the woods
  • Mountain Bike Trails
  • Fun on the beach
  • History and Mythology
  • Walk around old villages
  • Greek local product shopping 

When planning a relaxed and secure holiday,

Poseidon in Samos Greece is the best choice!
Travel with children in Greece