Restaurant Piccolo Porto Samos

Piccolo Porto Italian Restaurant Samos

Piccolo Porto Italian Restaurant is located in the heart of the village. The restaurant offers truly distinctive and authentic Italian pizza: regular base, with a variety of toppings, baked in an olive wood burning stove, just like in Italy. 

Piccolo Porto uses only the finest and freshest ingredients, has an extensive wine list that includes selections from Italy, as well as the best domestic vintages.

In summer 2007 Piccolo Porto Italian Restaurant re-opened its doors. The restaurant was honored the price of the Best Authentic Italian Pizza that summer by the local newspapers: “The article emntioned “Authentic pizzas that would make any native Neapolitan proud” But don’t take their word for it, try it for yourselves!

At Piccolo’s the cornerstone of our menu is our delicious fresh pasta dishes. In the pizza section we offer several sauces including traditional tomato, creamy and zesty picante. Then we top it off with a wide range of choice of meats, fresh vegetables and 100% REAL mozzarella cheese. Your pizza is baked to order.

We feature other tasty menu items, too, such as calzone, fresh salads and grilled meats including chicken, scallopini pork fillet and veal.